Vodafone World of Difference Winners

Willing and Abel is run entirely by volunteers – we have no paid staff. In addition to the Trustees, who obviously share the greatest commitment to facilitating the charity’s work, we have continually had wonderful people volunteering in all aspects of running the charity. Since 2010, we have also received an extra dose of help in the form of Vodafone World of Difference winners. To date, we have had four successful applicants in the World of Difference program who have been selected to donate their time and expertise to Willing and Abel.


Vodafone World of Difference – 2012 winners:


Jessica Morrissey-King
Unfortunately, Jessica’s placement with us has been placed on hold for the time being due to personal reasons.



Toni Partti is the go-to guy for creating content for our website – and yes, he is typing this himself. Being technically oriented, he is helping us with website, social media and database related duties and strategies during his WoD placement in spring 2013. He’s an avid musician, likes running, enjoys RC planes, and apparently can cook quite well.

5 things about Toni:

  1. Is originally from the only true home of Santa: Finland.
  2. Grew up in Taiwan.
  3. Can do two things with his ears: 1) make a living, and 2) make people uncomfortable by moving them independently.
  4. Can be found on IMDb.
  5. Is very talented at building things.


Vodafone World of Difference – 2011 winner:


Katy O’Connor
Info coming soon!


Vodafone World of Difference – 2010 winner:


Kirstie Randall
Info coming soon!

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